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Summer Energy Series

The hottest and most frequently requested speaking topics for workplaces right now are:




Your employees need resources and guidance on these topics RIGHT AWAY!

They are struggling and want help to ensure they are performing their best, showing up to work with a positive attitude, building strong relationships with co-workers and clients, and contributing to the bottom line with energy and engagement. 

Here is the solution!

The Summer Energy Series is a 3-session experience to give them the guidance, encouragement, and learning they need to powerfully move ahead while also giving them easy and fun content to drive the change forward.

Plus each session is only 60 minutes long and spaced out a few weeks apart so they are perfect for these busy summer months.

Click the video to hear from Kristen why the Summer Energy Series is so important!

Why are Burnout, Productivity, and Connection in such high demand?

Burnout – We are burnt out to the max after the last couple of years. The effects of physical and mental burnout impact all areas of our life and can shut down the critical energy centers needed to be a strong leader and performer at work. Plus burnout causes anxiety, depression, physical ailments, and more that impact our mood and ability to show up as our best.

Productivity – The stress and constant juggling and flexing over the last couple of years has created mass confusion in our brains. This leads to unfocused thinking and decision-making which leads to low productivity. We may have the best intentions of getting stuff done and going after goals but a stressed brain is a stuck brain.

Connections – Being at home during the pandemic and working via virtual platforms shifted the way we interact with others. Now that we are back to in-person meetings, events, socializing, and workplaces again we have to re-learn how to connect. Plus all the divisiveness in the world is creating many internal roadblocks in relationship-building.


1. Pick which option best fits your organization’s budget, team needs, and scheduling dynamics.

2. Contact Kristen to confirm details, pay your invoice, and schedule your sessions.

3. Work with your organization to invite your audience and get them excited to attend.

4. Host each session and Kristen does the rest to engage, educate, and entertain your group!

5. After the Summer Energy Series is complete, Kristen will send a Momentum Video you can share with the group to drive their motivation and action beyond the series!

Ready to go?

Simply email, call, or text Kristen to pick an option, schedule an info call, or to discuss creating a customized program option.



Silver Option

  • 3 Pre-Recorded Sessions (60-min each)
  • General Message for Any Industry
  • Pre-Series Welcome Video
  • Post-Series Momentum Video

$2,500 (Reg. $4,500)

Gold Option

  • 3 Live Virtual Sessions (60-min each)
  • Customized for YOUR Company and Industry
  • Pre-Series Welcome Video
  • Post-Series Momentum Video

$5,000 (Reg. $7,500)

Platinum Option

  • 3 In-Person Sessions (60-min) OR 1 Half-Day Session
  • Bonus Energy Kit for Every Audience Member
  • Customized for YOUR Company and Industry
  • Pre-Series Welcome Video
  • Post-Series Momentum Video

$7,500 + travel (Reg. $15,000)

Session Overviews

Session #1

Beating Burnout

During this session you will learn practical ideas you can use right away to soothe stress, release fear, and calm the physical and mental effects of burnout. You will do reflective exercises to identify what’s truly driving the burnout and what can spark you back up. After the session you will have real ways to energize your body and brain when burnout hits AND have new ideas to use with your team, clients, and loved ones too.

Session #2

Boost Productivity

During this session you will get real-world ideas to kickstart deep motivation, focus on what matters most, and get more done. You will start by identifying your top goals and what pulls you off track most often. Then you will take action right there in the room to fire up your motivation energy, get your to-do lists prioritized, and pre-create the momentum needed to make your plans and dreams a reality.

Session #3

Create Connection

During this session you will identify the power people in your life and learn how to be a power person for others to create deeper and more meaningful relationships at work and personally. Every day you work and co-exist with people who aren’t like you which can cause mis-communication and drama on either side. Learn how to bridge those gaps so you can have positive working relationships with all types of people.

Ready to go?

Simply email, call, or text Kristen to pick an option or create your own.


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