Direct Sales

Imagine if even 20% of your consultants did just ONE thing every day to elevate their energy in their business. That’s a heck of a lot of momentum and engagement for YOUR BRAND!

Direct sales consultants and teams have unique needs that are much different that traditional corporate environments. You are entrepreneurs. You are leaders. You are multitaskers. You go big while working from home. You own it every single day. You have superpowers that other professionals don’t have. This unique energy management also requires a unique approach.

As a direct sales professional, you are multi-focused and serve many people: your leaders, your consultant team, your corporate office, your customers, your prospects, potential team members, your loved ones, your community, and yourself.

When you split your focus this way it can lead to:

  • Unclear decision-making so you’re not focused on the right things to grow your business.
  • Reactive instead of strategic and proactive business management.
  • Compromised leadership skills.
  • Risk to your income potential.
  • Burnout that can distract you from being engaged with business growth.
  • Moodiness and health problems that can impact your loved ones and business.
  • And much more…

When you focus on development strategies that are specifically tailored to powering up direct sales consultants using your natural energy flow, it will lead to better relationships with your customers, improved productivity on your work tasks and goals, and a positive impact on bottom-line growth and personal relationships.

Program Options:

  • Keynote session to motivate, educate, and entertain your whole team.
  • Breakout sessions to dive deep into energy mastery to drive leadership and business growth.
  • Virtual webinars and teleseminars on specific topics for individual team needs.
  • Video series to drive accountability and action after a live event.
  • Online programs to engage and inspire teams to take action.
  • Individual coaching to create an energized personal brand that drives business growth.

Why Work With Me?

At a recent convention in Las Vegas for a direct sales company, I gained over 5,000 new social media followers, hundreds of testimonials, and countless Shares and Likes of my content all of which was hashtagged with their event theme. We can create similar buzz for your convention, brand, product, or team too.

Let’s chat and create a program to help guide your consultants and their energetic business decisions!


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Popular Programs to Power Up Direct Sales Events:

We will customize your title and content to fit your event theme, company goals, and team needs.

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