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3 Critical Questions to Help You Move Forward During Change

Who will you become?Yesterday I got to spend part of the day with a coaching client. She is in the midst of some awesome life and business change so I’m helping her create a fresh and focused vision.

The other part of the day I spent working on my own goals with two of my fellow speaker colleagues. We are all in process of some big changes too so it’s nice to have some accountability and a sounding board for ideas.

Why am I sharing this with you?

Because YOU also need to know your next best steps. You must be aware of where you are now and where you want to go so you can decide what your next move should be to get there otherwise you risk getting stuck in a stress and worry spiral.

Here are three things you should ask yourself when you have a decision looming or change in process:

  1. How do I want to come out the other side? Really take some time to envision how you want your work and life to look AFTER a change or decision is made. This can help you think more clearly about what needs to happen now to move that change forward. [And a little reality check for you – my may need to let a few things go for awhile to create space, time and energy to focus on important goals. It doesn’t mean they go away forever, but sometimes things need to move down or off the priority list for awhile.]
  2. Do I know WHY I want to change? You must know your true motivation before a decision or change will happen. And this WHY must be for YOU, not you making a change for someone else.
  3. What one small thing should I do next? Don’t think about the giant end result that is a huge shift from where you are now. This will only feel overwhelming and impossible. Instead think of one tiny step you can take right now in this moment to inch forward a little bit. Then do it again and again and again.

I’ve been really focusing on change lately because that is when most of my clients, audiences and circle feel the most stress and resistance in reaching their goals both at work and at home! Change is the root cause of so many bigger issues in our lives. When you get more resilient and better at handling change, it creates a ripple effect of peace and success across your entire life. You just get better at doing stuff when you’re not clouded by worry and fear.

If you want some help creating a plan to manage changes happening in your workplace or personal life, let’s talk about creating a customized speaking, training or coaching program to help you and your team bravely face it and own it! We can also create small coaching groups that meet regularly at your organization if your team is going through a change and you want to work together to make it happen with less stress and anxiety (and less negative impact to the bottom line).

Call or email me at kristen@kristenbrownpresents.com or 612-618-1808.

When you’re stuck in the midst of change, what needs to happen to get you moving forward?