Yoga Experiences

CHARGE UP your energy with customized yoga, release, detox, and stretch work!

Every body needs a little love especially when under stress or going through a transition. EVERY body!
Kristen uses her namaSync® approach to ensure you are hitting the work/life issues causing tension AND addressing the mind/body/spirit imbalances creating friction in movement and mindset.

1-on-1 Holistic Coaching

We will assess your work/life wellness needs and create a namaSync Energy Plan to infuse yoga, stretching, meditation, energy healing, and other lifestyle changes that will help you reach your goals.

Conference Yoga

Your attendees are excited, overloaded, tired, hungover, and sore all at once. The dynamics of a conference are hard on the body and mind so a yoga, detox, or toe-ga session can recharge them and keep them engaged and energized. Click here for the Audience Wellness Info Sheet.

Sip & Stretch

Call it yoga. Call it stretching. Call it sip and stretch. Kristen creates a fun, low-stress approach to yoga that is perfect for breweries, wineries, and other special events with a diverse crowd. (Goat yoga anyone?!)

Retreats & Bootcamps

If you want to give your team or group a special experience, consider working with Kristen to create a namaSync retreat or bootcamp close to home or at a destination far away. Perfect for incentive trips, spouse experiences, and teambuilding.

Download the Team Wellness Brochure here.

We will work together to create a namaSync™ experience that works for your needs and budget. Pricing will depend on length, number of sessions, location, and format.
Click here to contact Kristen about your namaSync™ Yoga Experience!