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Workplace Energy Series

Charge up your team with 12 months of motivation, inspiration, and learning!
During this virtual video training every participant will get access to a monthly Workplace Energy video lesson and Energy Action Plan to charge up their workplace happiness, leadership, morale, sales, and productivity. Each month will focus on a different topic that will help attendees engage with their goals, elevate their mood, and give them fresh ideas for growth at work and at home.

The Monthly Topics:

-Tapping Into Your Personal Power
-Focusing Your Vision
-Opening Your Mind for Growth
-Smart Self-Leadership
-Build Your Authentic Reputation
-Mindfulness at Work
-Workplace Wellness Zen
-The Riser Mindset
-The People Problem
-The Holistic Leader
-Tap Into Your Pure Potential
-The Stress Myth

The Workplace Energy Series is a perfect way to provide ongoing training and motivation to your most important assets – your people. It’s an affordable but powerful development investment that can help your team:

⇒Elevate Leadership

⇒Boost Morale

⇒Increase Sales

⇒Skyrocket Happiness

⇒Drive Productivity

⇒Much more…

Take advantage of the special holiday offer now for your work team to start the new year with a blast of fresh energy and keep it going throughout the year!

$7000 $3500 

That’s only $292 per month for your whole company! That’s a smart investment in your team!

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*After you register you will receive an email within 3 business days to coordinate access for your team.