Virtual Programs

Every employee needs motivation, inspiration, and tools to help them THRIVE, PERFORM, and LEAD during unprecedented times and every single day!

Don’t cancel your events or meetings – uplevel them with a high-quality online experience!

Kristen is experienced with Zoom, Skype, MS Teams, and many more. Plus she is a highly-experienced national and local media guest, podcast host, and content creator who can help you create an impactful virtual solution for your group. 

Keep your organization motivated and ready for action with virtual programs designed to fit their unique and busy calendars. They are juggling multiple priorities so having this type of online flexibility and focus can give them a feeling of security, support, and hope during stressful workplace and world dynamics.

Online training and programs are perfect for every size company because they are:

    • Flexible.
    • Actionable.
    • Customized.
    • Relevant.
    • Affordable.
    • Necessary.

Program Options:

Power Sessions – Single virtual programs 100% customized to your organization and needs and goals. We can focus on leadership, stress management, sales, change, and more. All of Kristen’s live programs HERE can be modified for virtual delivery. She is an experienced online speaker and facilitator who has won awards for online attendance. After 15 years in corporate and another ten as a professional speaker she knows how to engage, educate, and entertain on stage AND online.

Workplace Energy Training Series – Get 12 virtual pre-recorded sessions spaced out at your choosing to elevate productivity, boost health and wellness, improve leadership, and increase engagement. Plus right now it’s 40% off to help offset other financial challenges during this time. LEARN MORE HERE

Workplace Energy Training 3-Pack – Get three pre-recorded virtual sessions of your choosing to fit your specific team focus or company goals. LEARN MORE HERE


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Have questions? Reach out directly at or call or text 612-618-1808.

Kristen is happy to talk through options to ensure your team gets what they need from their virtual programs AND from their work and life path when they are juggling multiple priorities.