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The Win-Win-Win Experience

Program Description:

When you help others succeed, your own success rises too. This in turn positively impacts your workplace, home, and other places you live every day. But what does it take to step away from your own self-focused mindset to see the ripple effects of your decisions, actions, and behaviors? To be an empowering leader who drives growth, you must step away from the me-first mentality and focus on the people and places around you too. When you embrace this paradigm shift it’s a win-win-win for you, your team, your organization, and the zones in which you live and work every day.

Learning Objectives:
-Understand how your mindset and presence impacts your external behaviors.
-Learn how to shift your thinking and behavior so you look at your impact on the people and places around you.
-Create new ways to build connection with your team and positively impact your work and life zones so everyone wins.