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Charged Leadership

Program Description:

Designed for leaders at all levels, this interactive program uses the Power Grid from Kristen’s upcoming book to help you tap into the things that charge you up and minimize what drains your energy in the four areas of your life: Programming, Presence, People, and Places. When you power up each area so they work together you will make better decisions, manage your time more effectively, show up as a stronger leader, and feel more confident in sharing your best assets with the world. As you charge up your Power Grid you will build a powerful brand that attracts more people and opportunities to you, feel less stressed over all the moving pieces of your life, and have more power, impact, and influence in the areas that are most important to you. Don’t miss this opportunity to create a Powershot Plan that you can implement in the next two weeks to keep your Power Grid charged up and your goals moving forward!

Learning Objectives:
• Understand the power of your Programming, Presence, People, and Places.
• Charge up your Power Grid so you are fueled up for action.
• Create your Powershot Plan so you have specific action steps for growth.