Retail Industry Teams

Retail industry teams have unique needs driven by a mindset that brings together flexibility, consumer awareness, client relationships, business performance, and personal resilience. The retail industry work environment both on the retailer and vendor sides is high-pressure, deadline-driven, and ever-changing. Plus the blending of retailer, corporate, online, and shopper dynamics adds an additional layer of complexity.

Kristen spent over 15 years in the retail world working with some of the biggest brands on the planet including Disney, Sony, Hanes, Target, Walmart, Campbells, Colgate, and more. Today she specializes in delivering programs that drive leadership, sales, and performance for companies like General Mills, Lenovo, Nielsen, Target, Cargill, Retail Value Chain Federation, and many more. She will help you build a successful team that embraces the unique mindset required for retail sales and service success.


Now What?

Let’s talk about how to customize a program for YOUR team. We can use the insights in a keynote speech to drive engagement and excitement at an upcoming sales conference or team-building event or craft a comprehensive program tailored to your goals and needs.

After attending you and your team will better understand the challenges retail industry teams face, the role you play in building a productive and happy team, and how to create an environment that employees love to come to every day – all while positively impacting customer relationships, leadership potential, team dynamics, sales, and the bottom line.

Kristen’s Programs Drive Action & Buzz

Testimonials - Kristen Brown


“After participating in Kristen’s workshop, not only did it open up communication on my team but also brought renewed focus on goals and priorities. She grounding us with ways to overcome challenges to drive the business. She is also very entertaining but with a practical sensibility – just what you want in a professional speaker.” ~Account Executive, Lenovo Sales Team

“I was already doing some of her suggestions, but her Life Map exercise helped me further clarify what’s important to me and how I can move forward with what I really want. I gained momentum and confidence in the direction I’m taking with my career.” ~Melody Hanna, General Mills


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