Retail Risers White Paper

Retail supplier teams are faced with unique challenges that set them apart from other corporate teams.


Not only do retail suppliers serve their own company’s internal corporate initiatives but they also serve their retail partners’ goals. Layered onto this is understanding the end consumers who are buying their product from their retail partners and engaging with industry data and trends to ensure they are building the right strategies. In addition to these professional dynamics, they also serve their personal networks including family, friends, and themselves.

This “serving many masters” challenge requires specialized team development strategies to ensure they are giving and being their best in all facets of their lives. When individuals are thriving, the entire team will grow.

This is what drove the Retail Riser Scorecard. The survey and additional research uncover the unique job elements that retail industry professionals need in order to sell more, lead better, and grow their career and personal goals.

This white paper also shapes the research into actionable strategies that retail vendor teams and their retail partners can use immediately to impact engagement, communication, and results.


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