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7-Week namaSync Energy BoostCamp

$199.00 $49.00

Join Kristen online for 7 weeks of energy-boosting virtual sessions to charge you up, spark your success, and drive you to the next level of personal and bottom-line growth.

Each week you will get:

¨ A 10-15 minute PowerShot video with tools and tips to skyrocket your energy in that week’s focus area.

¨ PowerShot Plan Worksheet to track your progress and action steps.

¨ E-blast email of inspiration to energize your productivity, decrease your stress, and give you fun and easy ideas to love going to work every day.

Here are the Weekly Topics:

  • Week 1 – Motivated Energy:

Stay focused on what drives you so you stay on track at work and at home.

  • Week 2 – Creative Energy:

Tap into new ways to think differently about your work, leadership, and life.

  • Week 3 – Confident Energy:

Own your awesomeness and assets for business and personal success.

  • Week 4 – Relationship Energy:

Open up to others so they open up to you and your ideas. (Critical for sales!)

  • Week 5 – Communicator Energy:

Get clear on what you stand for and how you want to say it.

  • Week 6 – Strategic Energy:

Think with clarity so you make the best plans for work/life growth.

  • Week 7 – Visionary Energy:

Free your mind to create the future you want for your career and personal goals.


Your Investment:

If you get the program now in it’s new launch phase you can try it out for only $49 (that’s only $14/week or $1/day)! You will get seven weeks of awesomeness delivered right to your inbox to help you get motivated, focused, and energized.

Why Should You Get It?

  • You will get yourself powered up for workplace happiness and leadership.
  • You will identify new ways to get fired up when your energy is low.
  • You will think more creatively about new ideas and plans for your work and life.
  • You will be more fulfilled by your days whether at home or your workplace.
  • You will control your moods more easily so stress doesn’t take you (and everyone around you) down.
  • So much more!