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Energy Alignments


Charge up your work and life with a customized 1-on-1 Energy Alignment session.

Based on your individual challenges and goals, we will create a powerful combination of modalities that directly target your needs and goals. Some examples of possible energy boosters we may create just for you: crystal power grids, yoga and body movements, chakra/energy center alignment, sound healing, energy work, CBD and essential oil assessment, supplement gaps, lifestyle audit, energy reading, and more.

These holistic shifts can change your mindset, energize your body, and elevate your connection to what you want and need most.

Perfect for ongoing charging for leadership, relationships, health, and self-awareness.

***Sessions held at your location or via Zoom and last 60 minutes. After purchase you’ll receive an email within 48 hours to schedule your session. If after August 1st session can be scheduled at the namaSync Center for Pure Potential.

Ready to make a huge shift?

Invest in your ongoing energy and power alignment! Get 12 sessions to use every week for a quick boost to a current issue in your work or life – OR do a session monthly for a year to keep your energy firing on all cylinders and your action plan on point. Click here for the 12-session package discount of only $75/session. Save $240!

One past client said:

“I had never experienced an Energy Alignment before and it was recommended to me to aid in fertility. I was a bit apprehensive reaching out to Kristen but she quickly put me at ease and made the experience incredible enjoyable and insightful from beginning to end. I was so impressed with how comfortable she made me during our session and how quickly the time went. I frequently found myself feeling the weights lighten and recognize areas that needed attention that I had not noticed before. Kristen quickly followed up with a lot of great notes and suggestions for how to continue to care for what needed attention! I would highly recommend anyone give it a try who thinks it may help – – or at least provide some relaxation and insight to yourself!”