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1-on-1 Energy Blasts

Skyrocket your personal and professional energy so you are powerful, productive, and focused when you need it most.
The most awesome leaders and happiest humans keep their energy in sync and charged up so they can show up as and feel their best every day even when times are stressful!
Let’s CHARGE UP your leadership and life!

1-on-1 Options for You

Charged Leadership Coaching

Charged leaders energize all dimensions of their being to ensure they show up as the positive, empowering human they want to be at work and at home. You will use Kristen’s Energy Grid and other proven methods to dig into your four key Energy areas and ensure you’re charging them up and not draining them. This holistic namaSync® approach ensures that you are aligned to what you want and who you are while showcasing those things to best connect with others. LEARN MORE HERE

namaSync® Energy Sessions

Charge up your work and life with a customized 1-on-1 namaSync Energy session. Based on your individual challenges and goals, we will create a powerful combination of modalities that directly target your needs and goals. Some examples of possible energy boosters we may create for you: yoga and body movements, energy work, CBD and essential oil assessment, supplement gaps, lifestyle audit, crystal healing, and many more. These holistic shifts can change your mindset, energize your body, and elevate your connection to what you want and need most. SIGN UP HERE.

One past client said:

“I had never experienced an energy alignment before and it was recommended to me to aid in fertility. I was a bit apprehensive reaching out to Kristen but she quickly put me at ease and made the experience incredible enjoyable and insightful from beginning to end. I was so impressed with how comfortable she made me during our session and how quickly the time went. I frequently found myself feeling the weights lighten and recognize areas that needed attention that I had not noticed before. Kristen quickly followed up with a lot of great notes and suggestions for how to continue to care for what needed attention! I would highly recommend anyone give it a try who thinks it may help – – or at least provide some relaxation and insight to yourself!”

namaSync® Yoga Experiences

namaSync your body and mind with Kristen’s approach to yoga for leadership and workplace success. Yoga isn’t just physical poses. You will use mental, emotional, and spiritual practices along with body movement to charge up your work and life. You can work with her 1-on-1, bring her into your office, join a group setting at a conference or special event, or go deep on one of her upcoming namaSync™ retreats. CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE

I want to follow-up and let you know how extremely impressed I was by your presentation on the Happy Hour Effect to the Women’s Leadership Group. In all the years I’ve attended presentations yours by far for me was the most enlightening and well worth my time! You were clear, concise, relatable, genuine and overall great presenter. Most importantly I was able to strongly identify with the message that was being delivered. Some points were logical and common sense – with quite a few ah-ha moments for me – THANK YOU! At times when you go to church and you feel like the sermon was about or for you specifically – this is how I felt about your presentation. Although I have not yet started, I’m very excited to read your book “The Happy Hour Effect.” Thank you again for your time and I hope to see you on campus again as your message is a valuable one to be heard.
Mia ThomasBoston Scientific