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Kristen is not your normal talking head presenter! She is an eWomenNetwork Premier Success Coach who delivers fun, researched, and interactive programs that turn on and turn up your seven ENERGY CENTERS right there in the room AND give you action steps after you leave to drive action, growth, and momentum.

As you dig deep into your mind and habits during Kristen’s interactive and gamified programs, you will learn ways to uplevel your business, impact, and income.

Your program is customized to your chapter demographics, attendee goals, industry dynamics, and research trends.


LENGTH: Your program can be crafted to run 20 minutes up to a full day and can be delivered in-person, virtually, or pre-recorded.

BONUS: Want to add an extra infusion of income for your chapter? Let’s host a deep dive paid workshop after the event for attendees who want to learn more and take action. 

FEES: Kristen’s keynotes are normally $15,000 but for eWomenNetwork chapters, you will only pay travel fees. 

eWomenNetwork Program Topics

The Aligned Speaker: Tap Into Your 7 Energies for Impact and Income

Are you a business owner who wants to take your message and expertise to the next level? Speaking and communicating with impact is the key to connect more deeply with prospects and clients, make more money, and create action in your audiences. During this session you will learn how to align your business and message with your 7 Success Energy Centers creating a powerful connection with your audience and deep resonance with your business goals, income, and flow.

Spark Up Your Business: Uplevel Your 7 Energies for Growth and Results

Supercharge your business goals with a fresh perspective on how your energy drives success! You will dive into the power of entrepreneurial vision and growth by understanding how energy impacts your flow.  Through relevant stories and engaging exercises, you will create irresistible energy that attracts clients, opens up opportunities, and elevates your income. Plus you will leave with a checklist to ensure your 7 Energies tie to your business activities.

Rave Reviews

Hello...I'm Kristen!

I know firsthand what it’s like to hit rock bottom (a lot of times!) and how to rebound by managing my internal energy! I know how to tap into my 7 energy centers to get back on track quickly when it feels like work and life keep throwing out one big roadblock after another…

And because I’m The Energy Phoenix, I know how to help others harness self-leadership, uplevel their resilience and mental health, and step into their power too!

I use my experiences to inspire and engage and never talk down or demoralize. As a widowed mom, former corporate stress monster, solo parent juggling multiple duties as a business owner, navigating financial rollercoasters, and managing my daughter’s major health scare, I know what it takes to show up as a leader and be resilient when life deals you a crappy hand.

That’s why I share Energy Hacks on stage, online, and in the media to uplevel your resilience and results. This is how I have survived some of life’s worst challenges and how I help you re-engage with your goals, create positive growth, and spark forward momentum when you’re taken down too.

Plus I have a long and deep history of speaking and research both back in my corporate days and today as a Certified Speaking Professional. There are only 360 speakers worldwide with this CSP designation showing my commitment to delivering your group an engaging, entertaining, and relevant experience.