The Energy NOW Retreat

Burnt out?



Have big or small goals but just can’t gain traction or maintain momentum?

Tired of the non-stop change and challenge happening in the world and in your life and want some fresh perspective?

You aren’t alone!

Right now most people are being hit by DIRTY ENERGY.
The daily stresses and burnout caused by the constant change of work and life bring down your vibe and pollute your power sabotaging even the best of your intentions.
The Energy NOW Retreat is designed to give you the time you need to really dig into what you want, identify what is stopping you from making it happen, and how you can activate your energy to create magic again in your life and work!
You will upgrade your energy so you stick to your plans, stay motivated, and totally own your pure potential!
Whether you want to be more successful at work, get healthier, take control of your finances, find love, or just feel less stressed every day any goal has a greater chance of success when you approach it from a place of personal power and well-being.
During The Energy NOW Retreat you will use the namaSync Method to drive your work and life forward with meaning and momentum!
Join me for a major ENERGY BREAKTHROUGH that will totally transform your work and life!

What is the namaSync Method?

A Special Message…

Hi – I’m Kristen and I can’t wait to see you at The Energy NOW Retreat!

We will get you off the hamster wheel and onto a path that actually works with YOUR unique energies. I totally get how hard it can be to make stuff happen amidst the already super-busy-ness of work and life. I’ve failed more times than I can count but every time it got me closer to knowing what really works for me. We are going to do the same for you!

Over the course of The Energy NOW Retreat we will uncover your inner drive – the power within you that just needs to be turned on and charged up.

I can’t wait to see you there and help you be the amazing, energetic, productive, and positive person you truly are in the biggest, boldest way possible!!!

Cheers to YOU!

Kristen Brown’s presentations to 300 Staff was a huge success. She used an engaging story and effective handouts to empower everyone to reduce stress. Kristen offered excellent tips reinforced with practical examples throughout the ninety minute session. Participants left with their minds stimulated and a map to address their own personal “stressors.” A session with Kristen would be a wise investment for any organization.
Mike RoffAnoka County

How will The Energy NOW Retreat help me at work?

  • Be a more empathetic leader so you better understand your team’s needs.
  • Have more resilience during change so you aren’t so triggered.
  • Show up in a happier mood so co-workers want to be around you and trust you.
  • Open up your body language and facial expressions so people see you as a more positive person.
  • Feel more engaged and excited about your work tasks and responsibilities.
  • Create more focus and clarity so you get more done.
  • Unlock your creativity energy so you solve problems more effectively.
  • Tap into your passions so you enjoy your day and have more fun at work!

How will The Energy NOW Retreat help me personally?

  • Get clear on your goals so you know what to do next.
  • Feel more excited about your daily tasks and to-do list.
  • Open up your connection to difficult or draining people so you don’t get dragged down with them.
  • Chill out your stress response so you don’t feel so agitated.
  • Calm your body responses to triggers so you feel healthier and more vibrant.
  • Elevate your mood so you are more patient and open with your partner and kids.
  • Have more fun in your day-to-day life even when you’re overloaded or stressed.


The Energy NOW Retreat

$395.00 – $495.00

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When Is It?

On Friday, June 3rd, 2022 you will attend either live in-person at the namaSync studio (2960 Winnetka Ave N, Suite 211, Crystal, MN) OR attend virtually from the comfort of your own home or office.

How Much Time Will It Take?

The retreat runs from 9am-4pm CST. You will have a little bit of pre-work to prep and your post-work time investment is totally dependent on what you uncover during the day and how you commit to forward momentum.

Can I Do It For Work?

YES! Many work teams attend my speaking sessions and this retreat is no different. Plus you can write it off as a business expense or charge it back to your company for professional development because we take a holistic approach to your energy upgrade looking at all elements of your work and life for success.

How Much Does It Cost?

It’s a simple, affordable, one-time investment in your own growth.

To attend in-person it is $495 and for virtual it is $395.

What Do I Get For My Investment?

Besides a life-altering experience that will change the way you walk in this world today and going forward, you also get an Energy Activation Kit you will use throughout the day and beyond. It will be mailed to you in advance if you attend virtually.

If you’re in-person you will get lunch, beverages, and refreshments, and an end-of-day champagne happy hour!

Can I Do It With a Friend or Co-Worker?

Absolutely! Simply send them the link to this page so they can sign up. You can do it together so you have a buddy throughout the day and a momentum pal going forward! Even better, get a big group together. The more group accountability you have the better your chances of success!