Work-Life Energy Audit – 90-min

Invest in your personalized Work-Life Energy Audit to uncover where you’re drained, charged, and need alignment.
During this 90-minute session you will get insight and clarity on the current dynamics of your work and life and create a focused plan to charge up now and into the future.

You will:

-Identify your Energy Drains (what’s blocking you)
-Identify your Energy Activators (what energizes you)
-Get insight into your five key Energy Dynamics (career, love, health, money, fun)
-Learn your Power Crystals (to align and clear your blocks)
-Create an Energy Action Plan (for forward momentum)
-PLUS you can ask two specific questions for which you will get recommendations.

A Work-Life Energy Audit is a perfect way to recharge when you are feeling stuck, need some inspiration, are going through change, or just want to bring some new energy to work and life.

Take advantage of the special well-being offer now as a gift to yourself, a loved one, or get one for everyone on your work team for a blast of fresh energy!

$300 $150 

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*After you register you will receive an email within 48 hours to schedule your session at a time that works for both you and Kristen.