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5 Tips to Boost Your Resilience

The last few weeks I've been cranking out my next book. Without revealing too much yet, there is a big focus in the book on resilience for both personal and professional success. In many of the interviews I've been doing with experts, leaders and workers, one of the most common...

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#37: Does Your Workplace Culture Suck?

PODCAST EPISODE - Does Your Workplace Culture Suck? Organizations use their workplace culture as a tool to recruit and retain top talent. From Millennials to Baby Boomers, the right workplace culture can make or break job happiness. In this episode of The Happy Hour Effect podcast, you will get five insights to...

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#35: The Training Trainwreck

PODCAST EPISODE - The Training Trainwreck When you work on a team with high turnover, you have open positions on a team, or you have team members in training, it can cause stress, resentment, and poor team performance. In this episode of The Happy Hour Effect podcast, you will learn five ways to avoid...

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#34: The Fun Factor

PODCAST EPISODE - The Fun Factor The fun factor isn't just for kids. It's critical that we infuse the fun factor into our everyday lives both at home and at work. In this episode of The Happy Hour Effect podcast, you will learn how to identify your own fun factor and how to...

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#33: Get More Done

PODCAST SUBSCRIBE & LISTEN on iTunes    SUBSCRIBE & LISTEN on Stitcher Listen Now!  WHAT'S ON TAP? It's easy to get distracted by the busy-ness of today's workplace and world. This can cause unfocused decision-making, poor prioritization, and getting less done than you could if you had the right tools and mindset. In this episode of The...

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