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7 Ways Success Stories Learn From Failure

success and failureDo you ever have one of those days (or months) when you just want to throw in the towel? Usually it’s after being disappointed, working your ass off and something not working out or plain and simple burn out. The inevitable challenges of life get the best of you and make you question your dreams and your success. You aren’t alone. Every success story suffers failures – lots of them.

I had a big fail moment like that earlier this week.

Is Your Monday Running You Over?

Monday is here again. For many of us that means excitement and energy as we get the chance to start a new week full of opportunities. For many though, it means negativity and the blues because we aren't excited or inspired by our work or a new week. One of my...

21 Ways to Survive a Stressful Workday

Ever have a bad day at work? Yah - you, me and the rest of the world! Here are 21 ways to survive on-the-job stress. Click here for 4 more tools to ignite your work and life. Get the “bad stuff” done first.  The more you procrastinate, the worse those negative tasks...