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Testimonials - Kristen Brown
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Your audience will laugh, reflect, learn, and walk away with realistic ideas they can implement immediately to elevate their performance, leadership, service, and sales – and have a lot of fun in the process!

Here are some testimonials from past attendees & clients:

“After participating in Kristen’s workshop, not only did it open up communication on my team but also brought renewed focus on goals and priorities.  She grounding us with ways to overcome challenges to drive the business.  She is also very entertaining but with a practical sensibility – just what you want in a professional speaker.”  ~Account Executive, Lenovo Sales Team

“I attended the NIHCA conference and went to both your keynote presentation and breakout session (I was the guy who went on the “boat ride” with you). I’m sure you get lots of kudos after these presentations, but I’ve been to lots of conferences with many speakers, and yours was one of the best. It was funny, interactive, and motivating, but most importantly you had practical, specific, and relevant information with specific action steps. I heard a speaker last year and after an hour I could not think of one thing I heard that wasn’t a general anecdote or just a catch phrase. I brought two of my staff who thoroughly enjoyed it too.  Your great sense of humor toward the trials of daily life is a skill for you and a gift to others.”  ~Ryan Yunkers, Executive Director

“Loved your keynote today at BSC. It was great to hear you again! I look forward to implementing the 3 R’s, RISE and REV into my work and personal life – thank you!”  ~Monica Olson, Boston Scientific

“I was totally blown away – the content, the action focus of the talk, your style/sense of humor/etc.! It really was amazing. I have spent 22 years in big corporate America and you honestly were the best speaker I’ve experienced.” ~Michelle Wieser, MBA Director, St. Catherine University

“You are so wonderful! We seriously can’t thank you enough! You are truly a joy to work with and we all felt your presentation exceeded our expectations. We felt that you were a huge part of making our event a success! I had many people come by and say they loved your session, you were so engaging and thought provoking – and funny! Plus I really appreciated the Robert Downy Jr. slide. 😉 You brought our content to the next level and we were so excited to see the group so engaged. We couldn’t have been happier!!” ~Sarah Swanson, Intereum

“I want to follow-up and let you know how extremely impressed I was by your presentation on the Happy Hour Effect to the Women’s Leadership Group. In all the years I’ve attended presentations yours by far for me was the most enlightening and well worth my time! You were clear, concise, relatable, genuine and overall great presenter. Most importantly I was able to strongly identify with the message that was being delivered. Some points were logical and common sense – with quite a few ah-ha moments for me – THANK YOU! At times when you go to church and you feel like the sermon was about or for you specifically – this is how I felt about your presentation. Although I have not yet started, I’m very excited to read your book “The Happy Hour Effect.” Thank you again for your time and I hope to see you on campus again as your message is a valuable one to be heard.” ~Mia Thomas, Program Specialist – Innovation Center, Boston Scientific Corporation

“Kristen Brown is a change-maker, empowering audiences to overcome any type of stress and anxiety to make their world what it “could be” and reach their full potential! Kristen has overcome unimaginable stress and is an inspiration to all of us that we can turn adversity around and transform our lives into something beautiful! Kristen is energetic and outgoing and cares about results. She is dedicated to help others be successful.”  ~Lynn Wakefield, Speakers Now, Santa Ana, CA

“Kristen Brown’s presentations to 300 Staff was a huge success. She used an engaging story and effective handouts to empower everyone to reduce stress. Kristen offered excellent tips reinforced with practical examples throughout the ninety minute session. Participants left with their minds stimulated and a map to address their own personal “stressors.” A session with Kristen would be a wise investment for any organization.”  ~Mike Roff, Associate Anoka County Administrator

“Kristen presented and led the Life Mapping activity at Torch Community’s inaugural Health & Wellness event for Twin Cities Young Professionals. Kristen’s content and exercises on minimizing stress were tremendously educational and engaging. Kristen is easy to work with and incredibly knowledgeable – and able to deliver that knowledge to a diverse audience. I would recommend Kristen for any type of group and look forward to working with her again in the future.” ~Andrea MacArthur, Torch Community

“I can’t say enough about Kristen Brown!  She is an amazing woman who has been through so much in her lifetime. The experiences she shared with my team were motivating, inspiring and heartwarming. We laughed and cried! She truly is an expert on how to manage personal and professional stress and shares her tips and insights on how to do so and get the most out of life. Kristen was able to tailor her presentation so that it related well to the issues my team faces every day. The feedback I received from my team was incredibly positive and all in attendance were able to immediately put her suggestions into action. We learned so much from Kristen and will definitely invite her back again. She’s wonderful!”  ~Kristi Schmidt, Vice President, Marketing & Communications – Essentia Health

“Celebrate You Day taught me how to prioritize the things that are important to me. Set goals, take baby steps and soon you will achieve your goal. Don’t sweat the small stuff.” ~Jean, MN

“Kristen spoke at our worksite about the hot topic of stress and work/life balance. Armed with real-life experience and an appreciated sense of humor, Kristen guided us through the effects that stress has on the body as well as our relationships with and well-being of our co-workers, family members and friends. We came away with a new perspective on stress along with realistic, effective action items to apply to combat stress at work and at home. The employees really enjoyed the presentation and found tremendous value in it. As far as employee wellness, Kristen is a great investment!” ~Jina Schaefer, Cargill

“Kristen was wonderful! Kristen’s presentation was wonderful as well. Her wisdom and life experiences really make her an expert in stress and life experiences that people really relate to. She had many people come up to her following her presentation to tell her what a great job she did. I would recommend Kristen to speak at any event, especially to talk about managing work and life stresses and remembering to stay balanced.” ~Tami Yokiel, Mayo Health System

“Thank you so much for helping me align my goals with what is best for me. Honestly, a sort of relaxation has come over me in the last week. And that should be crazy because I am now writing an ebook in two months! But in all seriousness, I have been spinning my wheels not sure where to put my energy in and I feel like now I know. Yes, it will be tons of work but I guess I’m not as concerned about all the other pieces to this puzzle that were giving me heartache.” ~Alice Seuffert, Cooking with Alice

“Kristen spoke eloquently and beautifully about her journey of grief and healing after the unexpected death of her husband at the age of 30. Kristen’s ability to connect to everyone in the audience, from families who had also experienced the loss of a loved one to transplant recipients and caregivers, was phenomenal. Not only did Kristen speak from her heart about her own experience, she was also able to seamlessly weave in practical tips on how to care for ourselves and not let stress overtake our lives.” ~Teresa Turner, LifeSource Organ and Tissue Donation

“Kristen shares actionable and realistic tips to be successful in work and life. Her passion for her work shined during her presentation and the audience really enjoyed her insights. Her Life Mapping exercise is a powerful way to shift the balance between stress and energy – and it’s fun too. Kristen is a wise investment.” ~Angela Osbeck, Anoka County

“Kristen spoke to our Women’s Mentoring Network group and was the perfect set-up for our program. She was quickly able to synch up with the group through her energetic and honest presentation.  Her tips and Life Mapping exercise helped the attendees shift their thinking in preparation for the rest of our event and her passion for spinning stress into success rubbed off on the audience. Kristen added further value to the session by participating in our Q&A session with the group.  I definitely recommend Kristen to any organization who wants to inspire action in their employees.”  ~Mercedes Turner, Talent Development, Boston Scientific

I work my Life Map every day. I also brought the idea back to my employer and we now use its basic fundamentals for the employees.” ~Beth, National Design Team, Cost Cutters

“I was already doing some of her suggestions, but her Life Map exercise helped me further clarify what’s important to me and how I can move forward with what I really want. I gained momentum and confidence in the direction I’m taking with my career.” ~Melody Hanna, General Mills

“She’s energetic, fun, professional, knowledgeable, approachable, and experienced.” ~Brenda, White Bear Lake, MN

“The Life Map exercise was really an eye-opener. Taking time to think about the things in life I enjoy and using those to help fight stress gave me some great tools to use in everyday life. The whole goal-setting process was broken down to the point I could really understand what my next step was.” ~Sue Worms, Wellness Coordinator

“After working with Kristen, I feel more of A sense of control. Both over certain things in my schedule and just knowing I can help recover from things that are stressful or negative that I can’t control.” ~Jina Schaefer, The Happy Healthy Truth

“I loved that it was interactive and I took away some concrete steps I can take to skyrocket my business.”  ~Becky Henry, Minnetonka, MN

“Her presentation was high-energy and focused. She walks the talk and is her brand.”  ~Christy Tryhus, MN

“I learned a lot and can’t wait to start on my platform.”  ~Gloria VanDemmeltrandt, Lake Elmo, MN

“This workshop far exceeded my expectations. This workshop was well prepared and presented so that both novices and those with some exposure could understand.”   ~Linda Burandt, MN

“Tips can be used instantly. Order was excellent. Things I have learned before in various places all put into an excellent order and making sense. I enjoyed the amount of usable information that can be used immediately.” ~EB, Wayzata, MN

“I liked that it felt like Kristen was TALKING to you, not presenting.”  ~HH, Milan, MN

“Amazing, energetic and relatable. Walked away feeling energized, not guilty and weighed down which is interesting because I came in thinking it would be the same old, same old. Very impressed.”  ~BW, Eau Claire, WI

“I liked her authenticity. She has an amazing and inspiring story and it makes me feel like I can do the hard things that I am scared of trying.”  ~KH, Duluth, MN

“I most enjoyed the personal stories, the good quotes tips, filling out the goal sheets and deciding what the steps to make them happen are. I really enjoyed this and will be going home tonight and trying to map out what I will do to make my #1 goal come true.”  ~KH, Arden Hills, MN

“I liked the concept of making a plan for a life change. She made it easier to envision and hopefully accomplish.”  ~SR, Brooklyn Center, MN

“I liked the Life Map and made me more aware of what’s important and what I can let go.”  ~MA, Orono, MN

“Presentation really made me look at my life and where changes can be made to become healthier in body, mind and soul.” ~KML Plymouth, MN

“I liked the Life Map – putting it all on paper with purpose out into the world.”  ~KW, MN

“I loved the Life Map – very motivating. Kristen is a great speaker – very open and honest about her personal life and experiences. Makes it easier to connect and open up.”  ~Anonymous, Great Clips

“We have a variety of ages attending and Kristen’s presentation hit all areas for any age.”  ~SR, MN

“I liked that her presentation provided simple things to focus on to make life better and less stressful.” ~AG, Minneapolis, MN

“Very realistic and seemed very family-oriented. Kristen was very positive and realistic.”  ~MS Worthington, MN