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  • For annual conferences to rev up your team’s performance.
  • At executive or manager meetings to drive leadership effectiveness.
  • At sales kickoff meetings to skyrocket your bottom line.
  • During mergers and acquisitions to ease employee anxiety over change.
  • After a PR crisis to ground your team in the value of their work.
  • During leadership transitions to reinforce employee value and contribution.
  • For annual conferences and events to entertain the audience.
  • During employee training to educate on productivity and stress management.
  • For emerging leader programs to drive engagement and momentum.
  • As an opening or closing keynote to amplify your event theme.
  • For company retreats or incentive trips to increase loyalty and happiness.
  • During customer events to enhance client perception and retention.
  • For customer service trainings to boost positive word-of-mouth and referrals.


Kristen’s interactive programs will amp up your team’s performance by helping them focus on the RIGHT goals and actions that will make them high-performers, powerful leaders, and top salespeople. Your attendees will be armed with the latest tools and insights to proactively engage with their work, take actions to impact measurable business results, and be accountable for their workplace performance. Most importantly, they will love coming to work every day and know what they need to do to be successful while they’re there. This leads to company growth!

Kristen uses proven tools and systems to ignite action and motivate your attendees to elevate their performance. She spent 15 years in leadership positions in corporate America working with big brands like Disney, Target, Hanes, Levi’s, Walmart, Sony and more. She holds a Master’s Certificate in Integral Theory (the art & science of multiple perspectives) and is a certified holistic coach who helps busy professionals bridge the gap between personal and workplace success.

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A/V Needs: Kristen requires a handheld CORDLESS microphone. She does NOT use PowerPoint and instead uses the audience to tell stories, demonstrate visuals, and engage their minds. A CORDLESS handheld microphone is also preferred for audience interaction. She does NOT require an internet connection.

Stage: Kristen prefers a large, elevated, well-lit stage free from tables, chairs, stands, etc. She does NOT use a podium or other furniture so please ensure the stage is free of tables, chairs, and/or a podium. She often leaves the stage area to interact with the audience. Please have a bottle of water available on a table set discreetly on the edge or next to the stage.

Arrival: Kristen will arrive 30-45 minutes prior to presentation start time to test A/V and ensure any handouts are distributed unless we discuss other arrangements.

Book Signing: If you would like to purchase books for your attendees to further Kristen’s message beyond the event, please have a display table set up at the back of the room where attendees can meet her or have their book signed or coordinate with a sponsor for Kristen to sign at their booth to drive traffic there.

Photos & Video: Event may not be recorded without permission. Photographs, audio recording and/or videotaping must be approved by Kristen Brown and all copies provided to her.