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During your VIP Day we will focus on YOU! We will identify:

  • YOUR personal goals (relationships, health, weight, travel, etc.)
  • YOUR career or business aspirations (promotion, leadership, start a business, write a book, etc.)
  • YOUR roadblocks to success (excuses, time, money, past challenges, etc.)
  • YOUR support resources (people, skills, learning, etc.)
  • YOUR motivation (why, financial, rewards, systems, etc.)
  • YOUR accountability (who, how, when, etc.)

We will take this critical information about your work and personal life and map out a detailed plan to make your success happen in a way that fits your lifestyle, support and time needs. We can also focus on a specific area if you have a challenge or goal you want to map out. Most importantly, we will set up a timeline with motivation and accountability BUILT IN so you create massive action and momentum using your biggest gifts even when life is busy or stressful.

It is six hours just for you to make progress on your goals, eat some delicious lunch and get a little pampering too! (Lunch and a pedicure are included in the day as my bonus gift to you!)

I only have a few of these spots open with my speaking calendar being pretty full. And did I mention lunch and a pedicure are included?! (You can even expense it back to work!)

If you want to book one of these VIP sessions, here’s what you do:

  1. Make your payment online now.
  2. I will then email you to pick your date. Sessions are six hours long and held either virtually via Skype or in Minneapolis, MN at my office off 394/100 with catered lunch and a pedicure or manicure at the nail salon at West End. For virtual clients, I will send you gift cards for a nail salon and lunch delivery near you.
  3. During your session it will be simply amazing – but be ready to talk, dig, work, and plan.

Imagine it…spend six hours brainstorming, strategizing and getting pampered…walk away with a solid action plan for professional and personal growth!