Own Your Rise

Note: This is a purely motivational talk (not learning or training content) with Kristen’s personal stories, humor, and things she did to rise up in the face of adversity, change, and stress that you can use too in your work and life. It’s high energy, funny, and engaging.

It’s easy to get stuck in a rut when your daily pressures create a lack of time and energy. You find yourself feeling stressed, unfulfilled, or just plain sick of your job and personal responsibilities and just go through the motions instead of proactively engaging in them. This can impact how you are perceived by others, whether you’re considered for promotions, how well you sell, perform or lead at work, and how happy and energized you feel about your work and life.

During this session you will get a giant shot of motivation to bust through your blocks with an interactive, funny, and uplifting message from someone who has experienced some of life’s most difficult transitions.

Kristen Brown’s incredible journey through widowhood, the economic collapse, leadership struggles, career change, solo parenting, financial hardship, and health challenges didn’t hold her back. Instead she used her years of corporate leadership experience, her personal resilience, and lots and lots of experimentation, education, and exploration to rise up and create a new life despite the odds.

Her stories and ideas for personal and professional growth will ignite your inner drive to rise up too. You will leave 100% motivated to engage, perform, and grow in a massive way.


Learning Objectives:

  • Get inspired by Kristen’s story of resilience and change.
  • Hear motivational ways Kristen became a riser (and you can too).
  • Laugh and reflect as you think about how your actions matter.



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