Own Your Rise Webinar

2018 is YOUR YEAR!! Own Your Rise!

Drive your life. Uncover lost time. Earn more money. Ditch the stress. Feel the love. Be a leader.

You are a smart business professional who knows what it takes to be successful. But sometimes the daily pressures of work and life can take their toll leading to stress, burnout, overwhelm, or just plain lack of excitement for your daily responsibilities. This can impact your leadership, sales, performance, relationships, and overall happiness and fulfillment.

When you know what it takes to tap into your inner drive and get fired up again, you can skyrocket your success, feel enthusiasm for your work again, have better relationships, and be a high-performer professionally and personally. In this video you will learn the three shifts you can make in 2018 to own your rise and get back on track with your goals and dreams.


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Your Guide:

Kristen Brown is your guide and she gets that the struggle is real. Her incredible journey through widowhood, the economic collapse, leadership battles, career change, solo parenting, financial hardship, and health challenges haven’t held her back. Instead she uses them along with her 15+ years of corporate leadership experience, her Master’s certificate in Integral Theory (the art and science of multiple perspectives), a holistic health coaching certification, her deep personal resilience, and lots and lots of experimentation, education, and exploration to rise up and create opportunities for growth. She teaches others to do the same whether it’s corporate audiences of 1000s, individuals who want to grow, or private groups who want more out of work and life.