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Research proves that the best companies and most successful and respected leaders commit to a holistic growth mindset.

namaSync™ gives busy professionals and companies ways to create this holistic and FULLY-CHARGED LIFE. This includes energizing a healthy body, focused mind, and connected spirit that in turn drives successful leadership, sales, productivity, and engagement.

What is namaSync™?

namaSync™ Success Studio is a live and virtual development experience for organizations, corporate members, and individual participants. You will find:

  • Monthly leadership, sales and performance trainings online, on-site, and at events.
  • Weekly science-based yoga, energy medicine, and personal development classes online, on-site, and at events.
  • Self-development options like books, online courses, and products.
  • Energy and lifestyle audits and development planning.
  • Workplace Zen consulting.
  • 1-on-1 namaSync™ coaching on energy, leadership, yoga, productivity, crystal healing, CBD and essential oils, and more.

Participants sync their body, mind, and spirit so you can do the greatest good and make the biggest impact at work and in your personal life.

What does namaSync™ mean?

namaSync™ is a powerful name. In Sanskrit namaste’ means what’s in me honors what’s in you. Sync is about aligning what’s inside and outside of you in body/mind/spirit so you can connect (sync) more effectively and deeply with others and the world around you so everyone grows. It’s both a noun and a verb. There is namaSync™ the studio, podcast, upcoming book, and more. And you can also namaSync™ your work, namaSync™ your life, namaSync™ a problem, etc. to figure out how to charge up or align something.

What does namaSync™ do?

Participants at namaSync™ Success Studio can choose from both online and in-person experiences. There are rotating monthly interactive training workshops on leadership, sales, management, customer service, stress management, trends, personal branding, facilitated innovation/brainstorming sessions, and more. You can also participate in weekly stretch and yoga classes, nature experiences, crystal healing, guided writing, holistic coaching, spa experiences, meditations, and other energy medicine modalities to help you translate soft skills into solid growth for yourself and your company.

Who leads the sessions at namaSync™?

Workshops and classes are taught by founder, Kristen Brown, and her namaSync™ Guides. Kristen works with clients around the world as a speaker, bestselling author, consultant, and coach. Prior to starting her own business Kristen spent 15 years in corporate leadership and research roles so understands the challenges and opportunities for growth. She has a business degree and also has a Master’s education in Integral Theory that she describes as the art and science of multiple perspectives. Plus she has certifications as a RYT-200-hour yoga teacher, holistic health coach, and Crystal Reiki healer, and deep expertise and classwork in stress management, mindfulness, chakra and energy modalities, nature healing, essential oils, writing, and research. Kristen also dives deep into resilience, bereavement in the workplace, and grief having been widowed when she was just 31 with a new baby during the economic collapse while in a high-pressure corporate job. In addition to Kristen’s professional expertise and business experience she also brings in highly-screened, experienced, and simply awesome namaSync™ Guides who lead workshops and classes in their areas of expertise.

How does namaSync™ work and how much does it cost?

Individuals can either invest in a monthly namaSync™ membership for unlimited class and training experiences or pay for individual classes and workshops. Corporate members will pay a sliding fee for their employees or group to attend unlimited namaSync™ trainings and classes every month. Fee is based on the number of employees. They can also pay on behalf of an individual participant for specific classes and training. Retail and self-study products, one-on-one sessions, workplace wellness consulting, and customized corporate speaking and off-site events are priced separately and not included in the monthly membership. Contact Kristen to learn more.

Why namaSync™?

When you join namaSync™ Success Studio as a member or come occasionally to a training, event, or class you join a collective of fellow leaders who know the value of personal development for professional growth. You want to stay charged up even when work and life are stressful. You are committed to leading a life that embraces the body/mind/spirit connection. You are open-minded to new ideas and new experiences that push boundaries and stretch your comfort zone.

See you at namaSync™!