Light It Up Challenge

Welcome to the 5-Day Light It Up Challenge!

Embrace a growth mindset to fire up your life and work!

For five days you will make little shifts to add passion, energy, fun, and growth to your life.

During this live challenge on Instagram and Facebook you will get access to a new lesson with a short video that motivates you to take real action and check-in on your progress. Plus there will be quotes, tips, articles, and other resources to light up your life in small and big ways.

True leaders lead by example to create the life and work they love – and that ripples out to your team, family, friends, community, and the world!

At the end of the challenge you will have created a shift to get you thinking bigger about your goals and dreams by making small shifts for big impact.


  1. Check Out Day 1 – Get an overview of the 5-day challenge and learn about the first element – Passion.
  2. Check Out Day 2 – Take quick steps to fire up your social and love life for fun and growth.
  3. Check Out Day 3 – Do a quick health and beauty audit (yes – guys too) and identify areas to glow up.
  4. Check Out Day 4 – Create a Fun Fund so you can do more of what you love.
  5. Check Out Day 5 – Become a worldwide or couchside warrior with ideas for travel and growth.


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