BUSINESS OWNERS: Know, Show, and Grow Your WOW

Know, Show, and Grow Your WOW: Building Your Business with YOU as the Brand

Why do 9 out of 10 businesses fail within 5 years? Why do so many big ideas suffer from the “failure to launch” syndrome?

Despite a great product or service, a perfect business plan and following the “rules” of marketing, businesses and big business ideas are still failing. This program offers business owners, direct sales consultants, and intrapreneurs (entrepreneurial thinkers or those who own their own book of business at big companies) an eye-opening look at what is really causing them to fail – LIFE. Yep – as soon as life gets hard our focus is pulled from what’s important in keeping our business alive. Stress sets in, time and money get tight, we suffer a loss, kids and relationships demand our attention, to-do lists become overwhelming, work responsibilities cause anxiety – and pretty soon the business idea that was once a grand dream becomes a huge drag.

Through the commitments outlined in this program, attendees will get back in touch with the spark of brilliance that drove them to go after their big idea in the first place and help them re-engage with their work. Plus it will give them fresh ideas to help them grow their businesses in new ways.

Learning Objectives:

1. Close the Gaps – we will outline the commitments that every business must embrace to make the entrepreneurial mindset work for them. Adjusting to a life of entrepreneurship is a hard transition for the business owner and their loved ones. This objective helps them through the tough times and helps them stay committed against all odds.

2. Transform Your Platform – entrepreneurs will learn a new way of thinking to help them ignite their brand. The commitments in this section reinforce storytelling focused on the business owner’s Experience, Exposure and Excellence. This conscious approach to branding and marketing will reinforce credibility, likeability and trust with their customers leading to increased engagement and sales.

3. Build Your Business – we will work through the commitments that take the elements of a standard business plan to the next level so they become more than just items on a checklist but true strategies to stay on track for growth.


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