The Happy Hour Effect

The Happy Hour Effect: 5 Key Commitments for Work/Life Success

cocktail napkin wisdom - balance is a mythStress negatively affects our lives professionally and personally. 80% of people say their job is the most stressful aspect of their lives and one million people are calling in sick to work every day due to stress – not to mention those who show up but are unproductive, unfocused or even actively sabotaging their employers. The Happy Hour Effect message will empower your team to better understand the dynamics of stress and how it impacts us and how we can better manage stress so it doesn’t stop us from being successful in our career and life goals.

Companies who embrace the Happy Hour Effect philosophy will see direct impact to the bottom line because it will boost engagement, productivity, morale, innovation, leadership development, loyalty and creativity. Kristen will guide attendees through proven exercises to create actionable, fun and easy goals to spin stress into success. She will also share universal examples of stress, the implications of stress and ways to better manage it. You will walk away with real action steps to reduce stress in your life immediately and learn several ways to find harmony (because balance is a myth) as you move forward.

Learning Objectives:

1. Understand why and how our goals and personal brand contribute to stress and how that impacts us beyond our own little bubble of the world including health implications, appearance/aging, personal and professional brand success, relationships and financial success.

2. Create a customized and proven Life Map to help us change our mindset around work/life balance. Balance is a myth so we need to get grounded on what is really demanding our time, driving our stress and energizing us so we can create the RIGHT plans for personal and professional success.

3. Set actionable GOALSS (yes – two S’s) that take all of the elements of your Life Map into account to set us on the right path to achieving our goals.

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