The Daily Rise

The Daily Rise: Leadership Strategies for Personal and Bottom-Line Growth

Stepping into your own leadership and bringing out the leader in others requires a solid mindset built on four key attributes. These attributes are the foundation of the RISE code that creates a unique blueprint for life and work happiness, productivity, and results.

The RISE code is a cutting-edge approach to developing successful teams of leaders. After attending you will better understand the challenges that leaders face, the role you play in building a productive and happy team, and how to create an environment where employees can thrive – all while positively impacting customer relationships, team dynamics, and the bottom line.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the challenges leaders and teams face that can kill productivity, job satisfaction and bottom-line growth.
  • Discover the RISE code to help individuals and teams be more effective, results-oriented and happy leaders.
  • Identify your core opportunities to boost productivity, minimize stress, and amplify results for yourself and your team.

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