Maximum Impact Selling

Maximum Impact Selling: Communicating Your Personal Brand for Professional Growth

This program is perfect for sales professionals, customer service staff, aspiring leaders and anyone who wants to amplify their personal brand for professional success.

To create demand for what you offer, it’s critical that you first create a strategic personal and professional brand. This strategic shift will not only elevate you as a credible thought-leader but help you be more influential on your sales and leadership journey.

When you brand yourself for success your personal and professional personas are in alignment. When this happens you naturally magnetize people to your message, products and services and have more ways to connect with them in authentic ways. Not only does this greatly increase the likelihood that they will do business with you but it boosts the referral potential as well.

During this crucial session for sales professionals, aspiring leaders and customer service teams, we will identify the key elements of your personal and professional brand and re-position them for career success. We will uncover what makes you credible, likable, trustworthy and competent both professionally and personally. We will then discuss ways to use these elements to boost your leadership potential, sales effectiveness and relationships at work and at home.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the importance of creating a holistic persona to enhance perceptions, sales relationships, retention and leadership potential.
  • Identify the key elements of your personal and professional brand that most impact your success.
  • Discuss how to integrate your brand elements into your sales, marketing and customer messaging to enhance your relationships.
  • Review areas where your personal brand is crucial for driving financial success for your company and your life.

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