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Holistic Coaching

Power up YOU!

Get to know all dimensions of your personal and professional self so you stay charged up when you need it most.


Kristen invites you to step into deep reflection while also maintaining a strategic goal-setting mindset to ensure a holistic approach to your healing and growth.

Holistic Coaching Options

Charged Leadership Coaching

Charged leaders tap into the power in all dimensions of their being to ensure they show up as the positive, empowering human they want to be at work and at home. You will use Kristen’s Power Grid to dig into your four key areas and ensure you’re charging them up and not draining them for full power.

Crystal Power Prescriptions

Charge up your work and life with a customized Crystal Power Prescription™. Based on your individual challenges and goals, we will create a powerful combination of crystals that can shift your energy and elevate your connection to what you want and need most.  CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE

Holistic Yoga Experiences

Tap into the power of your own body and mind with Kristen’s approach to yoga and holistic coaching. You will use physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual practices to charge up your work and life. Yoga, stretch, detox, and release – the foundations of Kristen’s holistic coaching – will help you get your groove back. You can work with her 1-on-1, in a group setting at a conference or special event, or retreats. CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE

Powerful Presentations Coaching

Every time you walk into a room, present to a group, or simply talk to another person you have the opportunity to impact and influence them in a big way. Yet most people would rather die than have to speak in public. Kristen’s Powerful Presentation coaching can help you charge up your delivery, message, and mindset.  LEARN MORE HERE

Business Launch Coaching

For solopreneurs who are launching a new biz or stream of income, Kristen can help you create a solid and actionable plan that aligns with your passions, goals, and lifestyle. You will look at your message, branding, and platform to ensure you have a unique and magnetic business that customers will love. CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE

Client Love

I work my Life Map every day. I also brought the idea back to my employer and we now use its basic fundamentals for the employees.
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