General Sales

Live speaking programs require a 50% down payment within 5 days of contract signature to hold the date with remaining 50% due on or before the date of service. 100% of known travel expenses are due within 5 days of contract signature. If down payment isn’t received within 5 days of contact signature, the date will be released. A 5% late fee will be added to invoices for every 30 days late.

Printed materials/handouts (if applicable) will be emailed to client to be printed at their expense and distributed prior to the program.

Full payment for all products, books, and coaching services are due prior to delivery.

Travel Expenses

Travel and expenses are charged separately from my speaking program fees and added to the invoice. Travel expenses are waived when events are held within 50 miles of Minneapolis, Minnesota. For non-airfare events beyond this distance mileage fees are charged at current IRS rates. For domestic overnight stays requiring air travel, a flat $1,200 is added to cover travel expenses (air, ground transportation, airport parking, food, and incidentals). Hotel will be booked and paid for separately by the client. In some cases travel may be itemized with food/misc charged at $60/per diem/per day. International trips will be itemized and added to invoice. Printing and miscellaneous expenses will not exceed $100 unless approved by the client. Airfare is booked from Minneapolis/St. Paul International Airport via non-stop, mid-day Coach class on the most cost effective airline for the dates of travel to arrive the day before the event. Hotel will be booked in the same venue as the event or at a hotel within 5 minutes proximity if possible. A standard, non-smoking room will be booked.

Payment Processing

Speaking fees are to be paid by wire transfer, digital payment, or check. A W-9 form and invoice will be provided. Payments for products, coaching and other services are invoiced per agreement terms. For in-person orders, you can pay via cash, check, Visa, Mastercard, Discover or American Express via Square.

Pro Bono and Discounted Programs

Each year I agree to 12 pro bono or discounted programs for non-profits and other partner groups. Keep in mind that my company is not a non-profit.

As an experienced and proven paid international speaker, bestselling author, consultant and trainer, my livelihood is made (and bills are paid) by delivering value, fun, entertainment and transformation to audiences using my 20+ years of professional expertise, Master’s level education and extensive personal experiences. I spend significant time developing presentations, worksheets and live interaction that will delight and engage audiences. Thus when I do offer discounted or free programs, my partners, advisors and bureaus expect an equitable exchange of value equal to the fee in the form of promotional support, publicity, charitable donation write-off and/or marketing.

Below are some examples of what can be exchanged for the value of my programs:

  • Tax-deductible donation receipt for full value of my program.
  • Social media promotion and sharing of my program.
  • Writing and sharing of press releases to relevant media outlets.
  • Purchase of books for attendees.
  • Complimentary membership.
  • Complimentary tickets to event.
  • Printing of handouts, evaluations and other audience materials.
  • Written and/or video testimonial for marketing materials and website.
  • Referral to regional and national branches of your organization.
  • Access to membership and attendee email list.
  • Identify a sponsor to pay my fee.
  • Member benefits like event tickets, discounts, etc.
  • Free copy of video recording of program.
  • Expo table or booth.
  • Opportunity to offer a program or service to audience.
  • Other ideas are welcomed.


I am honored and grateful for your referrals to organizations who will benefit from my programs, consulting, or coaching. If you refer me to a company or individual client and they hire me, I am happy to pay out a fee in the form of a cash payment, donation to a charitable organization of your choice, or a gift card. I pay my referral fees once per year in the summer. I track referrals based on a pre-event program survey that the client fills out that asks how they heard about me.

I look forward to working with your organization!