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Charge Up Your Business

You’re a smart and savvy expert who helps people every day with your speaking, writing, and thought leadership. But breaking into bigger markets where there is bigger opportunity to charge higher fees and connect with bigger audiences can be confusing and frustrating.

If you want to increase your revenue, you need to understand how and why they hire outside experts and how to shift your brand, marketing, and message to fit their discerning needs. Kristen Brown spent 15 years in traditional corporate America working for and with diverse companies from Fortune 500s to start-ups around the world. Today she speaks to corporations for five-figure fees and knows how to create, tweak, or completely overhaul a brand for bigger paychecks and bigger audiences.

Kristen can help you create, refine, or elevate your brand and strategy to better connect to your key buyers. Click below to see her program options:

Brand Booster $365 – Includes: Brand Review, Action Plan, & 90-minute session

Your Big Break $950 – Includes: Brand Review, Website Audit, Development Plan, lunch, & full-day 6-hour session

Corporate Ninja $2,500 – Includes: Brand Review, Website Audit, Outreach Plan, Content Strategy Plan, Media Plan, & six 90-minute sessions