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Author: Kristen Brown

Stress and the Uglies

body stress

Every year before winter sets in, our bodies enter a new phase. Our biological clocks kick in as the days get shorter knowing the long winter is soon upon us. Our body systems start to slow down and we begin to store fat as a defense mechanism. This is part of the stress response that is part of our biological make-up.

Back in the day, cavemen, farmers, etc. suffered true stress in the winter. Food was scarce so their bodies would store extra fat reserves. They didn’t have indoor heating so they needed extra insulation to keep them warm. Today, our bodies are conditioned to do the same thing even though those risks aren’t usually there. Plus,

Book Trailer – The Best Worst Thing

It's a bittersweet story, but my first book, The Best Worst Thing, was a therapeutic, painful and hopeful book to write. It has inspired others to take the tough stuff in life and use it to propel them forward in a positive way. Watch the book trailer here: If you know anyone...